Monday, March 2, 2009

4 Train - Woodlawn (Day 2, stop #70)

Out:  The stop is located across the expanse of green that is Van Cortlandt Park, opposite the 1 stop on the other side.  It is also directly next to Woodlawn Cemetery, one of New York’s most famous and historic burial places.  My grandfather is actually buried here, but I was unable to attend his funeral and I have never before come to visit.  I was about to just walk into the cemetery with my camera in hand, but the guard stopped me and asked what I was doing.  I explained that my grandfather was buried in the cemetery, and he instructed me that if I walked across the cemetery I could go to the main office and find out exactly where his plot was.  I began to cross the cemetery, but I walked about 20 minutes and still seemed pretty far away; unfortunately, it was ~90 degrees and I was pressed for time, so I ended up just taking some photos of some of the amazing and elaborate monuments in the cemetery and heading back towards the subway.  I’ll have to make sure to come back at some point in the future.  In general, Woodlawn cemetery is a pretty impressive place, for sure.

In:  Layout here is 3 platform, 2 track, yet only the middle platform is in use at this end-of-the-line station.  The station itself is in pretty good condition.  Also, the station actually had a usable bathroom, which I took advantage of.  In the station there are a number of white people, as well as a little white girl being escorted to her golf lesson by her black nanny.