Monday, March 2, 2009

4 Train - 183 St. (Day 2, stop #71)

Out: There are two restaurants with blaring signs right by the stop: one that calls itself “El Rey de Churrasco” and another advertising Pollo a la Parilla. Definitely appears to be pretty Dominican around here. There is a typical mix of low-slung commercial buildings and 6-story tenements here. Under the elevated tracks, there are some particularly foul-smelling puddles of water. Outside the Associated supermarket, there are a number of homeless men gathered at the recycling machine, attempting to trade their collections in for the monetary deposit. I was feeling kind of hungry, and I bought some fresh, ripe, and very sweet mango, peeled and cut up, for $1.50 from a woman on the sidewalk under the platform. It was just what I needed, especially because I've been having a tough time finding some food I was really craving. Plus I even got to practice a little of my Spanish while buying it.

In: This station is newly redone and looks quite good, with the same burgundy and dark green color scheme. It even smells like fresh paint here.