Monday, March 2, 2009

4 Train - Moshulu Parkway (Day 2, stop #69)

Out: The people seem to be fairly mixed between black and Hispanic.  The stop is adjacent to a highway underpass, but the Moshulu Parkway itself is surrounded by a nice park area with plenty of trees.  Near the park area this also a store called “Urban Wrap”, with sleek counters and lighting.  I was going to try it out by they don’t have a bathroom, which is a requirement at this point.  However, could this be some sign of gentrification in this neighborhood?

In:  From the train on the way to this station, you can see the Tracy Towers, a tell unusual grey brick apartment building that definitely stands out from the rest of the view of the Bronx.  The station itself here is a bit run down, but it appears to be at least partially under renovation.  This seems to be a popular stop, as many people got off the train here.  From street level, the entrance is mostly concrete, but the uptown side looks newly renovated while the downtown side is falling apart.  From the platform it’s possible to see many interesting Tudor-style buildings ~2 blocks away.  It’s also possible to see the nearby Moshulu-Montefiore Medical Center.