Monday, March 2, 2009

4 Train - 170 St. (Day 2, stop #75)

Out:  The neighborhood here look a bit nicer than at the preceding stops.  There’s a little park by the train station.  Nearby businesses include a Liquor store, 99¢ store, “Todo Burrito” discount.  There is also a particularly interesting Wendy’s in a building with white columns and lots of plate glass; maybe it used to be some kind of station?  

Ethnically the neighborhood looks mostly black.

In:  the station here also looks nice, with stained glass depicted birds and plants.  Otherwise similar to previous stops.  From the platform here it’s possible to see an excellently shady-looking bar: The Equator Lounge.  Maybe one day I would be brave enough to go in there, but I doubt it’s ever gonna happen.