Monday, March 2, 2009

4 Train - 167 St. (Day 2, stop #76)

Out:  Around the corner from the station there is a piano bar & restaurant.  The Win Hing Restaurant proffers “Chinese/Spanish/American” food, but for some reason I doubt it does any of them particularly well.  There is a decent looking place to buy fruits and veggies here: “Lee’s Market”.  To the west it’s possible to see up a hill to nicer-looking Tudor houses & apartments; probably University Heights neighborhood.  There is also a large graffiti mural of a speeding car on the side of one nearby store.  Directly under the El tracks there is an old, burnt-out house with 30’s style architecture.  The building is pretty intriguing, but it’s not clear whether it’s being demolished or renovated.

In:  The station is again in quite good condition.  Here the stained glass depicts trees, puppies, and other outdoor scenes.