Monday, March 2, 2009

4 Train - 149 St.-Grand Concourse (Day 2, stop #77)

Out:  At the corner of the intersection, there are a couple of big, boxy buildings both for Hostos Community College as well as the Post Office.  Hostos extends over Grand Concourse as shown in the sketch.

The only obvious commercial establishment is the “Steakhouse/Lobsterhouse”.  There are more stores a block or two away, but GC here seems like a main thoroughfare.  There are a few carts on the street selling gyro, coco helado, and cheap clothes.  Most of the people look like they are either at work or school, but don’t necessarily live in the area.

In:  the station here is now underground; the stretch of elevated stations is done.  The platform is old and poorly lit.  there is a single platform with tracks on both sides.  There is a transfer to the 2&5 on the lower level, via a tunnel.