Monday, March 2, 2009

4 Train - Mt. Eden Ave. (Day 2, stop #74)

Out: As I leave the station, I realize that it’s right by the entrance to the Cross Bronx, bringing back memories of the time in 2004 I needed an emergency tire replacement and was towed from Washington Heights to a shady establishment over here. I try to pick out the cash-only business, and I’m pretty sure it’s called “Jerome Muffler”. There are also lots of other auto shops over here, but not too much else besides a McDonald’s and a sports bar. Otherwise the housing is the typical tenement BX-feel. I wonder if it will change much as I continue going south along the 4 line.

In: this elevated station is also recently renovated, with nice stained glass depicting the faces of many different people. As I’m leaving the station, a woman asks me for a swipe through the turnstile, but a bystander hears it and warns me: “it might be police…lock yo ass up!”. So I didn’t do it; I needed the swipe for myself anyway. When I’m leaving the station, I sat next to a cute kid and his dad; the kid was particularly fascinated by the train arriving on the opposite platform. On the car there was also a mom yelling at her daughter in Spanish.