Monday, March 2, 2009

3 Train - 145 St. (Day 3, stop #149)

Out: This station is near a bridge to the Bronx as well as housing projects.  There is lots of fast food around, including KFC and Jimbo’s hamburgers.  There is also a huge spray-painted sheet attached to a building; it is an ad for a gym and depicts lots of people working out in a cartoonishly stylized manner.  There are lots of guys hanging out by a small park near the corner.

In: Station has a short platform, and only the first five cars can exit here.  I didn’t know that and got stuck on the train on my first attempt (i.e. going towards 148 I couldn’t get off, and talked to the conductor; he was about to let me pass through his booth to get off, but then I just stayed on until the end).  The station is pretty dim, and the tiles are not in great shape.  There is green tiling and typical type of mosaic for the street name.