Monday, March 2, 2009

2 Train - Nereid Ave. (Day 3, 9:46 a.m., stop #109)

Out: The neighborhood seems mostly black, with some possible Middle Eastern presence? Not sure, might have just been owners of a business here. There are still plenty of multi/single-family homes, and most of the architecture is fairly small scale. This area feels very “neighborhood-y”, but still a little haphazard in terms of the overall organization. The homes are of the 3-story type, with flat roofs and a front porch. The neighborhood is still called Wakefield, according to “Wakefield Paints”, an establishment with a sign designed to resemble a circus big top.

In: This station also has white curving lamp posts on part of platform not covered by the awning. There is some stained glass underneath the station signs on the platform, but the station is still under renovation. The station also is providing a place to rest for a barefoot homeless guy carrying around a bottle of Coors Light at this early hour.