Monday, March 2, 2009

2 Train - 241 St.-Wakefield (Day 3, 9:28 a.m., stop #108)

Out: The neighborhood here also looks predominantly black/Caribbean.  The houses are mostly low-slung and kind of spread out, giving it a somewhat haphazard feeling.  To the west it’s possible to see some of the lush greenery of van Cortlandt Park.  There are a number of guys who look like cab drivers at the corner, likely hoping to take passengers to the end of their journey now that they hit the end of the line.  One hair salon here promises an “100% Dominican” stylist, which previously I did not know was such a selling point.  Otherwise some other establishments are “Younis Deli” and “Better World II Real Estate”.  Overall, this seems like a pretty major intersection.

In: From the platform, can see the train yards for the 2 (and possibly the 5).  The platform outside the awning has long, curving white lamp posts, which I hadn’t noticed at previous stations (but it doesn’t mean they weren’t there).  There are 3 platfoms, but it seems that only the middle one used for boarding trains here at the end of the line.  The station looks recently renovated, and it and the trains are maintained in good shape by a cadre of green-vest-wearing cleaning crews (similar to those at Woodlawn on the 4).