Monday, March 2, 2009

2 Train - 219 St. (Day 3, stop #107)

Out: This is a pretty minor intersection, with only a few stores.  The most significant aspect I notice is a strong Caribbean/Jamaican feel to the neighborhood.  There is a Golden Krust chain fast food place, but also a Caribbean/Jamaican deli & restaurant on the corner.  Even from inside the station, as well as outside, it’s possible to smell jerk chicken (which, incidentally, is making me pretty hungry).  Here I also saw three Rastafarians (or at least dudes with enormous dreadlocks) arguing underneath the El tracks.

In: Some painting is going on, but for the most part the station looks fairly newly renovated.  There is a stained glass window depicting people standing on the train platform.  From the platform it’s possible to see many individual houses, but most look multi-family. Some appear in pretty bad condition, but many also have satellite dishes, indicating a large immigrant population.  Also can see some empty lots.