Monday, March 2, 2009

2 Train - 233 St. (Day 3, stop #110)

Out: Still mostly black/African/Caribbean here, but there is now more of a Hispanic presence.  There is also more tenement-style housing here as opposed to houses farther up the 2 line.  The nearby newsstand advertises “call to Jamaican & Caribbean 10% U.S.A. discount,” so there must be some demand to call those countries.  Otherwise the intersection has the typical bank/fast food/hair salon/restaurant mix.  It seems that 233 St. is a pretty busy road.

In: There is stained glass depicting animals and plants on a white background, something I have not seen previously.  Also, on the mezzanine there is a wall composed of green, opaque glass tiles; looks pretty interesting.  There is a couple on the platform arguing in English, even though they look Dominican.