Monday, March 2, 2009

2 Train - Bronx Park East (Day 3, stop #104)

Out:  At corner of Sagamore St. & Birchill Ave.  The area looks pretty desolate.  There is a park nearby (no doubt related to the stop’s name) as well as some tenements.  There are also some 3-story apartment buildings with unattractive awnings and attached garages, which is a bit surprising.  There are some auto parts stores and ramshackle buildings in nearby lots.  Not too much activity at this time of morning, overall.

In:  Elevated station, partly renovated; some parts of the platform are concrete while other parts are tiled.  There is also stained glass depicted birds.  From the platform it’s possible to see the 5 tracks about a block away.  It looks like there is some type of hospital just to the west of the station, but it may just be an institutional-looking set of apartments.  The façade of the station house is a little run down.