Monday, March 2, 2009

2/5 Trains - E. 180 St. (Day 3, stop #103)

Out:  Can see an elevated road and plenty of traffic near the stop.  There are some ~3 story row houses with siding in a strange assortment of colors.  There is also an NYPD station, brick tenements, and a deli.  I can see some trees nearby; there might be a park, but I’m not walking out in the rain to investigate.  The station is in West Farms neighborhood, which is reasonably close to the Bronx Zoo.  The station house from the outside is quite impressive, 5-6 stories tall with a unique architecture.  

As I stand under the overpass to avoid the rain while sketching, a bird shat on my hand!  Wasn’t too terrible, but definitely teaches me to avoid standing in spots where bird crap is on the ground during the rest of the project.

In:  2 platform, 3 track layout.  The station itself looks recently renovated.  There is a 5 train sitting on the middle track, looking like it’s getting ready to go downtown from here.  This is also the location of the 5 shuttle late nights.  There is lots of activity because of the nearby train yards and maintenance depot.  When re-entering the station, I tried to swipe my MetroCard and found out that after 2 days of heavy usage, the MTA has classified my card as “Lost or Stolen”.  To avoid this hassle, I decide to just buy Fun Passes for the rest of the project.  Pretty annoying, though; that thing should keep working.