Monday, March 2, 2009

1/2/3 Trains - Chambers St. (Day 1, stop #40)

Out:  The buildings here are lower-slung when compared to the more northern parts of Tribeca.  There is some new housing around, but mostly the buildings are made of older brick.  

To the east, City Hall is visible down Chambers St.  There are lots of people around as many of the nearby office and government workers have just gotten out of work and are heading home; many people in suits and business casual.  The crowd is of all races, but many people are on the older side.

In:  Layout is 2 plat, 4 track with express access.  There are blue metal columns by the platform edge, and renovations are currently underway on the platform restricting clearance in some areas, also creating plenty of noise.  Good thing the station is being renovated, because it’s mostly in pretty bad condition.  Upstairs there is a mid-sized mezzanine, also in poor shape, with multiple exits.