Monday, March 2, 2009

1 Train - Franklin St. (Day 1, stop #39)

Out:  Here there is a cool mix of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings that gives this part of TriBeCa its unique character.  

The streets around here are fairly empty, but the people seem to be divided among office workers, tradesmen, and women who look like models.  The streets are wide, so despite the tall buildings around there is not too much canyoning effect.

In:  The layout is 2 plat, 4 track with express bypass.  Unique 3-D displays of photographs of neighborhood streetscape, embedded behind glass in the wall of the station.  The mosaic tiles here are well-maintained in a green & pink theme.  The bottom of the walls have large, square brown tiles and the floor is dispersed tan tile pattern.  The station in general is in good shape and looks well lit and clean.  There is no crossover or mezzanine.  The entrance to the uptown 1 is very unique in that it covers the staircase in a green metal and glass construction that rises out of small island in the intersection.