Monday, March 2, 2009

1 Train - Canal St. (Day 1, #38)

Out:  Surprising number of touristy-looking people, but in general it’s not as crowded as farther uptown.  

There is lots of traffic trying to get onto the Holland tunnel here.  On the border of TriBeCa, everything here definitely looks more industrial.  Many of the buildings look more like factories (or former factories) than offices/residential.  

Given property values here, though, it wouldn’t be surprising if many of these retain their outer look but have actually been converted to other uses.

In:  The layout is 2 plat, 4 track with express bypass.  The tiling here looks kind of old and somewhat run down.  There is a gray, beige, & blue color scheme to the tile borders and tiled station names.  On the top border there is small image of a church instead of a “C” interspersed; not sure what it refers to.