Monday, March 2, 2009

1 Train - Houston St. (Day 1, stop #37)

Out:  Things here look somewhat dirty & dusty, as do the people; they are dressed shabbier and look sweatier out here in the heat.  Not as wealthy-looking as those a bit farther uptown.  The buildings here are larger and boxier and no longer look residential.  

There are some commercial establishments here but they don’t look particularly fancy, and mostly look a bit run-down.  

Also I witness two guys in black uniforms trying to lug an overladen cart filled with fancy catered food up the stairs of the subway station.  Don’t they own a van? Why were they riding the train with those things?

In: The layout is 2 plat, 4 track with express bypass.  There is blue & gold mosaic tiling for the station name and along the top border of the station (with “H” interspersed).  The station is dimly lit, but in pretty good condition.  There are yellow metal columns near the platform edge.  No crossover or mezzanine.