Monday, March 2, 2009

1 Train - Christopher St.-Sheridan Sq. (Day 1, stop #36)

Out:  The buildings here certainly have a lot of character, harkening back to Greenwich Village’s days as an entity independent of New York City.  

The buildings have a variety of facades, plus some are in triangular shapes at this 6-way intersection.  Some are more than 10-stories while the majority are between 4-6 stories.  

On the side streets there are a number of quaint, well-maintained row houses that the Village is known for.  

At this intersection there are many of commercial establishments and restaurants that look mid-scale and designed both for New Yorkers and tourists, with plenty of built-in personality (even if sometimes it’s a bit contrived).  The people here are not in professional dress, and seem a mix between wealthy- and not-so-wealthy, along with some out-of-towners.

In:  The layout is 2 plat, 4 track with express bypass. This station is in quite good condition, with clean tiling and mosaic station name and small mosaic images of a building (apparently, an old penitentiary according to on the top border of the walls.  There is also a touch of NYU naming, with purple mosaic sign saying “New York University” at a couple of points along the wall.  There is also some mosaic tile artwork laid into the wall at a couple of spots.