Monday, March 2, 2009

1/2/3 Trains - 14 St. (Day 1, stop #35)

Out:  Compared to the blocks north of here, the intersection of 14th and 7th Ave. looks a little worse off.  Some of the buildings on the corner show some signs of more ornate decoration, but for the most part the structures here are pretty unexciting.  

The retail outlets here are surprisingly lower-end, which I hadn’t noticed before; given the prices in this neighborhood I expected them to be more upscale.  When facing down 7th Ave. things really seem to open up as the scale of the buildings are all quite small to the south.

In:  2 plat, 4 track layout with express access.  Station feels very old, with platforms in poor condition, tiles on walls dirty, with dim lighting.  On the walls there are no mosaic station names, but there are small “14”s interspersed within a mosaic tile stripe in brownish-purple.  There are numerous exits along the plat, and at the 14th St. end there is a small mezzanine and a long tunnel to connect to the L and F/V at 6th Ave.