Monday, March 2, 2009

1/2/3 Trains - 72 St. (Day 1, stop #26)

Out:  Here Broadway is very wide at the intersection with Amsterdam & 72nd St.  The intersection itself is accented by the subway station houses in the median.  
The buildings are of a decidedly mixed character.
There are some stately residential complexes along with more low-level buildings; many of these are now purely commercial.  The skyscrapers of midtown are beginning to come more into view, indicating the transformation from UWS-residential to midtown-commercial.  Predominantly white, mostly upper-class, unsurprisingly.

In:  The station house here is quite interesting, as the entrances are situated in the middle of Broadway instead of the typical east & west sides of the street.  The station houses (both on the north and south side of 72nd St.) have clearly been recently renovated, with stone on the outside and refurbished metalwork.  Inside there is plenty of natural light along with the interior fluorescents.  There are tiled floors in the station houses and very narrow stairways leading down to narrow platforms.  There is a two platform, four track setup with express access.  On the station walls are white tiles with strange gold-metal doors interspersed in different places.  In addition, there is an unusual repeating concave pattern of the wall tiles, along with redone mosaic tiling taking up some of the panels.  There are rounded red columns in the middle of the platform.