Monday, March 2, 2009

1 Train - 66 St. (Day 1, stop #27)

Out:  The buildings here are predominantly large residential and office buildings, with a 1960-70s style of boxy architecture in subdued colors and small windows.  Also nearby is the imperious white marble of Lincoln Center, mostly shielded from view at the subway station.  

The construction of a large addition to Lincoln Center takes up much of the west side of Broadway next to the station.  

There is some open space here in the median where Broadway meets Columbus and 66th.  There are a number of upscale restaurants and a large Barnes & Noble.  The people around look still pretty wealthy, but there is a little more mixing and more people who look like they work, rather than live, near here, along with some tourists, which weren’t so apparent farther uptown.

In:  The white tiled walls have many small mosaic murals depicting scenes of cultural significance, a nice touch to the station nearest Lincoln Center.  The station name “66 St. – Lincoln Center” is in white on a blue background, laid onto large, square tiles instead of the usual mosaic tile.  Other parts of the station wall, on the top and bottom, are covered by a surface similar to brick.  The station is fairly well lit.