Tuesday, May 5, 2009

R/V Trains - Grand Ave.-Newtown (Day 9, stop #377)

Out:  Here there is a mix of large apartment buildings as well as some small houses off of Queens Blvd.  There is the “Post Time” Sports bar & beer garden.  

Over here there are more Asian people than before, as well as more signs in Chinese, but it’s still fairly mixed with some white and Hispanic.  A block off Queens Blvd, I see a number of Chinese establishments including a bakery and spa, among others.  

On Q.B. there’s a Levitz and some other big retail stores along with some restaurants.  The area still looks pretty residential and middle class, but maybe a little less wealthy than the previous stops farther out.

In:  Similar to previous stops under Queens Blvd., but the blue tiling might be a slightly darker color.  The mezzanine is again very long with different ways to access the controlled part of the station; here a typical black grating provides the partition, and the booth is in the middle of the station.