Tuesday, May 5, 2009

R/V Trains - Elmhurst Ave. (Day 9, stop #378)

Out:  This intersection is both busy and very ethnically mixed, as I am again approaching Jackson Heights.  The people around are Asian, Hispanic, white, Middle Eastern and South Asian.  The housing is mostly brick apartment buildings, but the diversity of both the people and commercial establishments makes sure that the surroundings of this station definitely no longer feel suburban.  Some of the stores and restaurants include the Asia Bank, a Chinese seafood restaurant, and a Latin restaurant.  

The “Winners” bar looks pretty shady, and the little shopping center across the street has both a Pho Bang and Pho Bac; maybe there are some Vietnamese folk around here as well.  Pretty interesting stop here.

In:  This station is similar to the previous ones under Queens Blvd., but in this case the wall tiles look dirtier than usual, plus there are yellow metal columns by the platform instead of blue.  Again the mezzanine is divided into controlled and uncontrolled by a chain link fence.  There are some retail shops attached to the exit of the train here, and on my way back in I bought a chorizo con arepa from a Colombian place; it literally is just a big sausage and a piece of semi-fried dough wrapped up in aluminum foil.