Friday, May 1, 2009

N/R/W Trains - Lexington Ave. (Day 7, stop #308)

Out:  This area is very similar to the 6 at 59 St., not surprisingly (see that description), as I am just one block away at 60th and Lex.  There are tall office buildings, Bloomingdale’s, etc.  the light is getting pretty low and it’s getting tougher to take photos.  The people around are mostly office workers and shoppers.

In:  The layout here is a single platform with trains in both directions.  The walls have white tiles with red tile borders as well as “Lex” written in small red letters.  There’s also mosaic tiling at the top of the wall saying “Lex”.  There are green metal columns near the edge of the platform, and the lighting is ok.  There are connecting tunnels to the 4/5/6 here.  This stop is still pretty crowded, even though it’s the tail end of rush hour (almost 8 p.m.).  There’s an escalator up to the mezzanine and the 6 platform.