Friday, May 1, 2009

E/R/V - Queens Plaza (Day 7, stop #307)

Out:  This area near the stop, now that it’s post-rush-hour, is almost devoid of foot traffic (who knows, maybe it was also pretty deserted before as well).  The intersection itself seems heavily trafficked with cars, though, and overhead there are lots of train tracks coming together as well.

There are some relatively tall office buildings, but nothing really like in downtown Brooklyn.  I again can’t tell who (if anyone) lives in the vicinity; there are just a few office workers straggling around.

In:  Two platform, four track layout with local and express access.  The tiling and colors are very similar to the Roosevelt Ave. stop on this line.  There are purple metal columns, instead of the white tile columns at Roosevelt, and there are purple tile accents instead of blue.  There is a large mezzanine with a mosaic tile mural depicting the Queens skyline on the walls.  There are many exits from the station off the mezzanine.