Monday, May 4, 2009

M Train - Seneca Ave. (Day 8, stop #335)

Out:  At corner of Seneca Ave. and Palmetto St.  This area looks very residential.  

The people around seem mostly Hispanic, but with many Asians, Middle Eastern, and white (non-gentrifier) people as well.  There is an immigration and a wire transfer place nearby, indicating a sizable immigrant community.  There are a good number of attached row houses as well as taller apartment buildings.  There are some small stores on Palmetto with a restaurant at the corner as well as delis, barber, etc.  Overall, the area looks pretty middle class and calm. 

In:  The station here is still elevated.  The station house is of a decent size, but it smells of urine a bit.  The platform is narrow with large refuse containers that difficult to navigate around.  There is still a single platform with trains in both directions.  There are no walls off the platform, so there’s a pretty good view of the surroundings (I even snuck a couple photos here off the platform).  The roof of the platform is concave and made of metal paneling, and it’s supported by green metal columns on both sides of the platform.  This station has not been recently renovated.