Monday, May 4, 2009

M Train - Forest Ave. (Day 8, stop #336)

Out:  The area here seems to be a mix of white (American) and Eastern European.  Near the stop there is a Polish bakery, “Bosna Express” (see photo; it specializes in “the art of grilling” a la Balkans), and Tirana Café.  

It’s like you can take a trip to the Balkans just by going to Queens. There are also some Hispanics around as well.  Some other typical middle-class businesses include a florist, “Europa” grocery, deli, nail salon.  There are small apartments and row houses, mostly 2-3 stories in brick or siding.  There are trees everywhere in the sidewalk, adding to the pleasant feeling of the neighborhood.

In:  Similar to Seneca, but the platform is slightly wider.