Monday, May 4, 2009

F/V Trains - 14 St. (Day 8, stop #356)

Out:  This intersection is quite busy, with lots of people of all types.  There’s a Starbucks, a Foot Locker, HSBC, and lots of other smaller shops (delis, etc.).  There are also a number of bars and restaurants.  

The housing is a mix of small old houses in brick as well as very large apartment buildings/offices.  The people around are mostly white, but there really is a mix of ethnicities.

In:  The layout visible here is only a single platform and single track.  This station has a strange dual-level design, with the uptown and downtown platforms stacked on top of each other.  Also, it’s not possible to see the express tracks.  There is a connection to the L at the end of the platform, and a connection to the 1/2/3 down a long tunnel.  There is a green mosaic tile station name and a green tile stripe down the wall.  There is a long, dim mezzanine with bad lighting to access the exit at 14th St. and 6th Ave.