Monday, May 4, 2009

A/C/E/B/D/F/V Trains - W. 4 St. (Day 8, stop #355)

Out: The streets here are crowded with tons of people. It’s a mixed between office workers, well-dressed young people, and some people dressed a little more aggressively. There’s the IFC Center right here, as well as some handball/basketball courts on the corner of W. 3 St. and 6th Ave.

There is also the famous Village mix of tattoo shops, comedy clubs, and Blue Note jazz club right near by. The housing is primarily small row houses in brick as well as some mid-size apartment buildings. Definitely lots of activity around here.

In: This station has a strange three-level design, From the booth area at W. 3rd St., there is a long tunnel with white tiling that leads down to the 8th Ave. line platform. This level has a two platform, four track layout for local and express access. There are multiple staircases to access the middle level, which doesn’t have any trains on it, just a big concrete open space. The lower level again has a two platform, four track layout with B/D on the express track and F/V on the local. There are green metal columns by the platform edge, white tiles on the walls, a green tile stripe down the wall, and “W. 4” in small black tiles. The station here is dimly lit and looks dirty.