Friday, May 1, 2009

E/F/G/R/V - Roosevelt Ave.-Jackson Heights (Day 7, stop #301)

Out:  The outside here is similar to the 7 at 74th St., as the main entrance for that stop is really only a couple blocks away (and there is also a free transfer between these trains and the 7).  

Across Roosevelt here there are a few Korean stores, but otherwise it’s still mostly South Asian.

In:  The station here is underground.  There are some small shops attached to the station entrance: florist, watch repair, convience mart.  The mezzanine is wide with white tile walls and a grey tile floor.  The layout here is two platform, four track with access to both local and express trains.  There are white tiles on the wall with a blue tile stripe going the length of the platform.  Roosevelt” is in small letter on a black background.  There are large square columns covered in white tiles on the Manhattan-bound side, and overall the station looks renovated fairly recently.