Thursday, April 30, 2009

7 Train - 74 St.-Broadway (Day 7, stop #300)

Out:  Now I’m in Little India!  I love how rapidly that transition comes along. Ah, Queens.  Now almost everyone here is South Asian and most of the stores are South Asian-themed (at least on the North side of Roosevelt).  

The nearby housing is mostly small apartments, but this stretch is very commercial, even off of Roosevelt.  There are still lots of families out and about.  It seems the people are a mix of Hindu and Muslim.  There are also some scattered East Asian, white, and Hispanic people around, but not too many.
In:  This station looks newer than others on the 7 in Queens.  The layout is again two platform, three track with express bypass.  There are small green metal columns on the platform, and new white paneling with green borders on the side walls which extend the length of the platform.  There are translucent windows off the platform made of colored glass.  There is also decorated glass near the exits and in the stairwells.  There is a large mezzanine with a concrete floor and relatively new paint job.  The stairs down to the street are in better shape than usual, too.