Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A/C Trains - Nostrand Ave. (Day 10, stop #408)

Out: This is a pretty busy commercial stretch here. The neighborhood still looks like a mix of W. Indian, W. African, and African-American. I do see a couple of people of other ethnicities, but it’s not clear if they live here or are just passing through. I see some Jamaican flags flying on one establishment. There are lots of pizza places, mom & pop stores, fast food places, dental offices, jewelers, etc. Everything is only a few stories, but many of the buildings are not in great shape. On Fulton itself there is a Jimmy Jazz and Foot Locker, and there is also a large school and a church nearby (see photo) which look to be well-maintained and are actually quite impressive buildings.

Surprisingly, I do eventually notice a couple of white people around, but they are certainly few and far between.

In: The color scheme here is similar to Kingston-Throop. However, here there are weird layouts, with two platforms and two tracks for access to the A express on the upper level, with the two local platforms and two tracks on the lower level. The platforms on the A train are particularly wide, probably to extend over the C tracks on the lower level and reach the express tracks running in the middle. There are yellow metal columns in the middle of the platform only on the A level.