Tuesday, May 5, 2009

C Train - Franklin Ave. (Day 10, stop #409)

Out: The intersection here is definitely dominated by the station house for the Franklin Park Shuttle (S train; see photo) as well as the tracks running overhead. The houses are short and squat, mostly with brick but some with brownstone-type material. Some are in better shape than others. I see a few more gentrifiers over here, but the stores are still of the typical lower-income neighborhood variety: Crown Fried Chicken, delis, Popeye’s, etc. There are also some West Indian stores (the “Odessey African Market” looks particularly interesting) around as well as “Rasta Craft”. The intersection is not particularly busy, and the neighborhood still has a bit of a rougher feel to it.

In: The station looks a bit older here, with sea green color scheme like Lafayette. However, there are no columns by the platform. The layout again is back to the two platform, four track layout with express bypass. There is no mezzanine here, just a short tunnel to the S station house and the exit.