Thursday, May 7, 2009

2 Train - Winthrop St. (Day 10, stop #428)

Out: The main feature here is the monolithic Kings County Medical Center, one block away across a large parking lot (see photo).

On Winthrop St., there are attached single- and multi-family homes; some of them look relatively new. The parking lot makes the intersection feel a bit open, but also kind of empty. There are more people around here who are not black, but they all seem affiliated with the hospital. I can see some smokestacks in the distance here, which probably belong to some now-defunct factory. There is lots of broken glass on the sidewalk in addition to the usual array of low-income businesses and some West Indian places. The housing seems to be mostly small brick apartments apart from the houses on Winthrop. The neighborhood looks a little rough around the edges but not too unsafe.

In: Two opposing platform and two track setup here. The station is a bit dingy, and much darker and dirtier than Church St. Yet there is still nice mosaic tiling here in blue and green color scheme. There are green columns by the platform edge and no mezzanine and no crossover. The exit is just one flight up above the platform level.