Thursday, May 7, 2009

2 Train - Church Ave. (Day 10, stop #427)

Out:  The first thing I notice here is one of the many old stone bank buildings on the corner; but here, it’s converted into a McDonald’s (see photo)! That’s pretty funny.  

There are lots of other small commercial shops, including the bar “Pumpkins”, a fish market, a deli, a meat market, a check cashing place; the usual lower-income kind of spot.  There is still a strong West Indian presence, but there is a bit more Hispanic mixing in.  Also I saw a couple of Middle Eastern guys trying to sell a large rug to a woman in the middle of the sidewalk; kind of random. Most of the residential buildings are three story brick apartments. It doesn’t look too bad an area, but not great, either.

In:  This is a very nice station!  It’s brightly lit, with gleaming white tiles on the walls.  There is a mosaic tile station names have a royal blue background with a green border.  On the walls, there are yellow and green tile borders and on the top there are larger beige tiles with a “C” on a blue background.  There is a blue-grey column by the platform edge.