Thursday, April 30, 2009

Q Train - Ave. H (Day 6, stop #271)

Out:  This area is very residential, and this part of Midwood has some nice houses directly outside the station.  The neighborhood seems quite diverse, as I see the “Flatbush Minyan”, South Asians, French-speaking Africans, Middle Eastern muslims, and some whites.  There are not too many businesses right next to the train, just a pizza pace and a laundromat.  There are a few smaller apartment buildings to go along with the houses.  The houses here are actually detached, with trees in the yard; definitely a rarity as far as I have seen.  They also look to be single-family.  Unfortunately it’s raining too much for me to risk the digital camera for some photos.

In:  The station house here actually looks like a house, with a sloping roof and black shingles, and it exists as a standalone building.  The outside also has a little porch and the inside has wooden floors.  The train here is barely above street level; it doesn’t really count as elevated.  The platform is similar to Ave. J, but the awning only covers ~1/4 of the platform closest to the station house.