Tuesday, April 21, 2009

N Train - Ave. U (Day 6, stop #260)

Out:  There is lots of Chinese stuff here, including an acupuncture clinic and a Chinese restaurant.  There are also a few old Italian guys hanging out outside “Caffe No. 2”, which is next to “The King of Sausage”, and there is some Little Italy-style bunting in red, white, and green hanging over the street.  So I would gather this neighborhood is mix between Italian and Asian, but there aren’t a ton of people around so it’s hard to know for sure.  Some other businesses are more typical, including a 7-Eleven, a video store, and a salon.  There are a number of row houses in brick and siding as well as low-slung apartment buildings.

In:  Similar to other N stops in the cut.  There is plenty of graffiti on the walls near the tracks.  Overall, the station is in crappy condition, and the station house looks particularly bad from the street.  I can see houses in brick, siding, and stucco directly next to the train tracks.