Tuesday, April 21, 2009

N Train - 86 St. (Day 6, stop #261)

Out:  This intersection is pretty desolate.  It’s right across the street from the Marlboro Houses, which are low-slung projects of ~6 stories in red brick (different than most, which are in the high-rise style).  There is also a laundromat, deli, check cashing, liquors, and Kennedy Chicken & Pizza.  There are more black people around than at previous stops, but still some white and Asian as well.

In:  86 St. crosses directly over the station here, so much of the platform is covered by blue metal underlying the overpass.  It feels sort of underground since this overpass only leaves a typical amount of ceiling clearance as at other stations.  But the platform is also open to the outdoors at both ends, so overall it’s a pretty weird effet.  There are lots of pigeons flying around, so I definitely want to avoid being pooped on again.  The condition of paint on the cement sides here is not as bad as at the other stations; but it’s still bad.  There are no columns on the platform.  The station house has standing water near the turnstiles, which is becoming the bane of my existence today.  I’m never going to get dry.