Tuesday, April 21, 2009

N Train - 20 Ave. (Day 6, stop #257)

Out:  It’s raining really hard again (it had lightened up to a drizzle for the past few stops).  I’m totally soaked and this point, and there is barely anyone else out and about (a wise move on their part).  Near the stop there is another Chinese bakery (I’ve seen quite a few of those today) as well as some signs in Chinese.  There is also the Brooklyn Islamic Center and an Islamic grocery; right next to these buildings is a liquor store (I can’t make this stuff up, folks).  The residential buildings are primarily row houses in brick, but they look like they’re not in great condition; there are also some other small residential buildings with siding.  The neighborhood doesn’t look too rough, but not particularly nice, either.  The few people I see are a mix of Chinese, European, white, and Middle Eastern.

In:  Station is still in the cut, and in bad condition.  The benches are made of hard plastic, which I hadn’t seen before.  Otherwise similar to New Utrecht.