Tuesday, April 21, 2009

N Train - 18 Ave. (Day 6, stop #256)

Out:  The people here a mix of white, European, and Asian.  There is an interesting variety of small shops near the station: tanning/nails, optical, electronics, Chinese bakery, Italian “pork store”.  At the corner of 62nd St. and 18 Ave. there’s also an old-school pizzeria, pharmacy, and menswear store. The neighborhood seems relatively quiet.  

The housing is a mix of 3-4 story apartment buildings as well as some attached houses with peaked roofs, probably multi-family.  Again this area seems pretty residential and middle class. 

In:  On the ride over from New Utrecht Ave., there is a ton of graffiti on the surrounding buildings.  This station is in a bit better condition than New Utrecht, but otherwise it’s similar.