Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Train - Beach 67 St.-Gaston Ave. (Day 4, 10:28 a.m., stop #157)

OutThe south side of the street here has a huge construction project going on, while the north side has many single family houses and small apartment buildings.  Right by the stop there is a suburban-style cul-de-sac (almost).  The neighborhood here seems more like a mix between black and white.  There are no businesses nearby, and the area by the stop seems totally residential.

In: This stop is a little cleaner than other stations on this side of the Rockaways, and the staircase is in better condition.  You can also hear plenty of planes flying in to JFK here.  To get to the next stop, I walked over to Beach Channel Blvd. and waited on the Q22 bus to the next train stop farther west; I wanted to avoid taking the A back to Broad Channel and then doubling back on the S.