Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Train - Beach 36 St.-Edgemere (Day 4, stop #154)

Out: This intersection is pretty quiet, with mostly an open grass space between the couple of roads over here.  There is a new-looking housing development with colorful duplexes in blue, yellow, and pale green.  There are also a few people around at a couple of bus stops.  There’s also a high school on the north side of Rockaway Fwy.  The general feeling here is kind of desolate, but in semi-suburban sense rather than the isolated feeling you get in some rough neighborhoods.  Even though I did see some random lady squatting to pee by an apple tree, which is kind of strange.  Also another thing I just noticed is that the power and phone lines are actually above ground here, even though they are buried in most of the city.

In: The trains are only coming every 20 minutes over here, definitely getting to be quite a pain to do the Rockaways.  This station has a metal staircase and pervading smell of urine as you enter.  This place is in worse need of a paint job than Beach 25 St., but otherwise the layout is pretty similar.  Here I saw a cop bust someone for turnstile jumping, but he’s wearing a tie, so he’s gotta be innocent, right?  Also the lamp posts here are straight black poles with a retro-round lamp housing at the end.