Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Train - Beach 25 St.-Wavecrest (Day 4, stop #153)

Out: The fog is thicker over here.  The stop is at a pretty quiet side street off of Rockaway Freeway.  

The first people I see are some Orthodox Jews pulling up in a minivan.  The houses are most single- and double-family, with vinyl/wood siding.  The people who live around here seem predominantly black, but there may be some Orthodox and old white American communities.  There is a strange contrast across the street from the station, where a burnt-out looking house has some well-tended rose bushes in the yard.

In: There’s a seagull on top of the platform awning here, something I haven’t seen yet.  There’s also one guy who keeps spitting and then walking slowly by me…it’s a little bit disturbing.  Here the metal side panels are painted off-white, and the awnings are similar.  There are no columns by the platform, and the awning only extends ~1/2 of the train length.  The staircases into the station are made of concrete and appear quite sturdy, even though the paint is peeling a bit.  The undercarriage of the elevated tracks above the street are made of concrete, not metal, probably reflecting its original construction as an LIRR track instead of a subway track.  The mezzanine in the station is dim and cramped.  From the platform, waiting for the next train, I could see a couple of guys riding bikes below on the street while arguing.