Monday, March 2, 2009

J/M/Z Trains - Chambers St. (Day 1, stop #45)

Out:  The scene here feels quite overarching, as the borough of Manhattan building towers directly above the subway entrance and instills a sense of awe in the onlooker.

City Hall Park is directly across the street and sets up a great street scene, with the vegetation of the park offset by the other large buildings directly adjacent to it.  

There is plenty of auto traffic going towards the bridge, but not too much foot traffic as it is a quite a bit past government working hours.

In:  This station is very cavernous, with four platforms and four tracks.  The lighting here is poor and the tiles & concrete floors are dirty.  The outer two platforms are abandoned and look to be covered with years’ worth of dirt.  The ceiling is very high, at least, and the station is not as hot as many other ones around here.  The paint everywhere is peeling and the station itself seems quite ancient.  On the mezzanine there are some painted tile murals.  The entrance the station is a five stairways wide and directly under the borough hall.