Monday, March 2, 2009

J/M/Z Trains - Canal St. (Day 1, stop #46)

Out:  The craziness of Chinatown!  The sidewalks are extremely crowded with a mix of Chinese, tourists, and New Yorkers of all stripes.  

The streets are dirty and noisy, as per usual.  There are many stands selling street food and produce, and plenty of small stalls selling the usual Chinatown fake/crappy merchandise.  

Here I saw a little kid with his pants pulled down peeing on a trash can on the side of Canal St.  Trying to make it as third world as possible, I suppose.

In:  One narrow platform with trains in both directions here, with a narrow staircase in the middle to access the exit.  The station area is dirty & poorly lit.  The columns by the platform edge are tiled in white with some mosaic tile bordering.