Tuesday, March 3, 2009

J Train - Norwood Ave. (Day 4, stop #186)

Out:  There’s a pupuseria which is visible from the subway platform, which is quite tempting as I’m feeling hungry.  It looks like there are some Salvadoreans around, as well as a number of West Indian places.  I go into “Roti on the Run” and I am totally won over.  It’s run by Trinidadian Indians, who are brown-skinned but have thick West Indian accents.  I bought an aloo pie, basically some very spicy potatoes inside a fried doughy tube, which tasted great and only cost $1.  Plus they had a clean bathroom.  I definitely recommend that spot.  The neighborhood still looks pretty mixed overall, but there does appear to be more of a black presence than at previous stops.  The buildings here are mostly two and three story; many are row houses with siding or brick, some in better condition than others.

In:  Similar to Crescent St., except here it’s only one flight of stairs up to the booth.  Also the awning only extends to cover ~1/4 of the platform.  Also, there is no stained glass here.  I took a photo from the platform of some graffiti.