Tuesday, March 3, 2009

J Train - 121 St. (Day 4, stop #178)

Out:  The building that dominates this intersection is Rubie’s Costume Co., which is stuffed with three stories of costumes in a large boxy structure.  The El tracks run above Jamaica Ave. and look pretty ancient.  The houses around here are mostly two story, some with siding and others with brick.  Most of the houses are attached to each other and not separate.  This neighborhood looks pretty mixed, with some white, some Hispanic, and some South Asian.  Also looks pretty middle class.  One business I notice in particular is the “Computer Professor”.

In:  This platform is elevated and outdoors.  2 platform, 3 track layout for express.  There is a metal panel in the middle section of the platform, but the ends there is only a metal railing so I can see over the side.  The station house is in pretty good condition, with hexagonal stone tiles covering part of the floor.  The paint on the platform looks pretty recent, and there is some graffiti on the small track separators.