Wednesday, March 4, 2009

D Train - Bay Parkway (Day 5, stop #216)

Out:  The people here seem to be a mix of white, Russian, Italian, and Chinese.  There are Chinatown-esque smells on the street, and every store has a large outdoor display which takes up most of the sidewalk.  Quite the bustling market here.  

There are a couple of kids riding bikes with fishing poles strapped to them; maybe they actually go down to the bay to fish?  The corner of Bay Pkwy is very busy with lots of people out and about.  The housing seems to be mostly single- or multi-family houses, with some apartment buildings.

In:  Layout here is two platform, three track with access to the express track.  There are no walls here on the platform so there’s a good view over the side.  The roof on the platform is in good condition.  The mezzanine looks pretty crappy with worn yellow tiling.