Wednesday, March 4, 2009

D Train - 25 Ave. (Day 5, stop #215)

Out:  There are Chinese and Italian stores, signs in Russian, low-slung houses, a Chinese supermarket and an Italian bakery.  

Not surprisingly, given the businesses, there are lots of Asians around as well as many white people.  There are also a few nail places; overall, though, it look quite residential over here.  

I walked up to Pho Hay To for lunch, as I heard this place was supposed to have some good pho.  On the way I saw lots of people out with their kids.  The sidewalks here are really wide, and the stores are set back quite far from the streets and are not directly in the shadows of the elevated tracks.  I eventually found the restaurant (see photo), which seems to be the only Vietnamese place around here; definitely not a “Little Saigon” by any means.  The pho ends up tasting quite good, but it’s not clear if the place is run by Viet or Chinese people…could be a little suspicious.

In: Similar to Bay 50 St., it looks to be in pretty decent shape and the awning covers most of the length of the platform.